“Harmful Evidence” in Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Cases

In cases where someone is charged with Marijuana possession with intent or other possession charges, objects or “paraphernalia” can affect the seriousness of the charge. For more information on marijuana with intent to distribute laws in your area, visit:

Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Laws in Virginia
Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Laws in Maryland

Harmful Evidence

There are many items that are not suspicious because they have a use that is unrelated to marijuana or other drugs. However, when certain items are found along with marijuana, it is possible that they can be used as evidence in supporting a marijuana possession with intent to distribute. These items could be referred to as “harmful evidence” because it is evidence being used against the defendant by the prosecutor.

Examples of Harmful Evidence in Virginia

Certain items can be used as harmful evidence when they are found on the same person who is in possession or marijuana or other controlled substances. Certain items in particular can be used in proving guilt for a possession with intent to distribute charge. Some examples of these items are:

  • Digital scales
  • “shake” or “kief” on the floor or tables
  • plastic baggies
  • vacuum sealers
  • unusual amounts of money suggesting profit
  • List of numbers of known drug users/buyers/bigger sellers
  • Other related packaging or shipping supplies

Defending Against a Possession with Intent to Distribute Charge

If an individual is charged with possession with intent to distribute, it is important for them to work with a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer has many tools that can be used to protect a defendant’s rights in court or, help negotiate less severe charges. These tools can include analyzing Virginia criminal laws, analyzing statutes and simply arguing your side of the story to court.

Packaging is Not Always Enough

One argument is that packaging alone is not always enough to satisfy a charge of possession with intent to distribute. Remember, there are very specific rules for evidence in Virginia and it is highly recommended that you talk to a lawyer so that you make a good decision.

Personal Use vs. Distribution

Many times, the quantity of marijuana or other controlled substance plays a key factor in deciding whether a charge is for personal use or, was intended for sale to others.

Why You Should Work with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Typically, charges for possession with intent to distribute have many variables and are not always predictable. Because these cases are complicated, if you are charged with intent to distribute, you should not proceed without a lawyer. If you decide to work with a lawyer, be prepared to tell them all the details so that they can build a better defense for you. If you have received a charge for marijuana with intent to distribute or intent to distribute any other controlled substance, send our criminal defense lawyers a message online. Don’t gamble with your future, work with a legal professional to ensure the best outcome possible.

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