According to the Department of Homeland Security, the United States welcomes 3,000 new citizens every day. The government’s website touts America as a nation of immigrants, with the diversity of its people offering important contributions to the arts, economy and culture. Though the country welcomes people from all nations, it can be difficult to navigate the immigration process. With piles of paperwork, complex laws, and often a language barrier, immigrants can be left confused and overwhelmed. However, taken one step at a time, the process can be completed to obtain legal standing in the United States. The first task is to obtain a visa and/or green card. These documents allow a foreign person to legally reside and work in the country. While there are some limits placed on these, a skilled attorney can help capitalize on every opportunity to effectively achieve a visa or green card.

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What Is a Visa? And How Do I Get One?

A visa is a travel document that states the traveler is permitted to enter and stay in the destination country. There are two types of visas – travel and immigrant. A travel visa allows a traveler to visit the country temporarily, while an immigrant visa approves travel to the country to live permanently. To obtain a visa, an immigrant must be sponsored by an American citizen. Common sponsors include relatives and employers. There are many types of visas, depending on why an immigrant wants to come to the U.S. and who will be sponsoring them. Some of the most common types of visas include:

Even within each category, there are many different types of visas appropriate for different situations. If you are unsure if you qualify under one of these categories, the legal team at Tucker, Nong and Associates can help. Contact us today to discuss your case and learn more about your rights and immigration status.

Green Cards Protect Legal Status and Promote Citizenship

Once you’ve obtained a visa, the next step to a long-term life in the United States is obtaining a green card. A green card is a slang term for permanent resident card. A green card holder may live and work in the United States permanently and is protected by the all rights and laws of the country and state in which they reside.

The government does set limits on the number of green cards that are available each year. You must have a readily available visa to obtain a green card. As is the case with obtaining a visa, there are several ways to obtain a green card. The most common routes are through:

  • Family
  • Employment
  • Diversity lottery

A Skilled Lawyer Can Streamline the Application Process

Applying for a visa or a green card is a detailed and sometimes tedious task. The entire process can take months, and a mistake at any point along the way can threaten your legal standing. Applicants can be expected to:

  • File a petition
  • Check for approval and priority dates
  • Begin processing
  • Pay fees
  • Submit application
  • Collect financial documents
  • Secure affidavits of support from sponsors
  • Undergo a medical exam
  • Participate in an interview

A skilled attorney with experience in navigating the visa and green card process can help immigrants have the best chance at success. The legal team at Tucker, Nong, & Associates have helped many clients just like you find the most appropriate avenue to pursue legal immigration and worked by their sides toward obtaining proper standing in the United States.

Even if you are worried that you do not qualify for a visa or green card, the experienced lawyers at Tucker, Nong, & Associates can help. There are many paths to obtaining necessary documents in this country, and our team will work tirelessly to exhaust every option for you. Don’t risk the future of yourself and your family by trying to go it alone. Our attorneys are prepared and knowledgeable and want to talk to you about your situation today. 

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