Sometimes we are the victims of an automobile accident, other times we are the culprit. We can only hope neither one applies to you!

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We are sure you hear these tips everywhere in the media, but we wanted to also give you the scoop here.

  • Here’s the one we all know and hear reiterated constantly, “Keep your cellphone off!” Such a simple statement can literally make a lifelong difference. They don’t just say it and have it outlawed in certain areas for nothing. All it takes is a few seconds to become distracted by your gadget to veer you off the road.
  • The most common and also most deadly is texting while driving. Researchers say it takes all of 5 seconds to deviate your attention from the road to your cell. In those 5 seconds you could have been alert and seen an important traffic pattern change. They also even state the same consequences if you’re at a stop. So just send the “See you soon!” text before you turn the ignition on.
  • When it starts getting visibly darker or the weather is inclement, turn on your headlights! Such another simple step that can go a long ways.
  • Be a vigilant and defensive driver. This can apply to both following the speed limit and watching out for poor drivers. Also take precaution; especially when you are in an area you are not familiar with.
  • Do we really have to remind you of this one? Don’t drink and drive! The cost of a cab is worth more than the cost of your life! A charge of a DUI/DWI isn’t worth having on your record either.

We know we are here to help you out of these types of binds, but we care about your safety more! Please stay cautious and avoid the trivial things that could lead to a fatal outcome.

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