Homeland security matters have been at the forefront of U.S. politics within the last year. There are over four million immigrants who are among those being considered for temporary residency within the U.S. These immigrants have specific criteria, that are being assessment by the department of homeland security.

New Immigration and Common Sense

Common sense seems to be the determining factor for the four million immigrants who have managed to enter the U.S. illegally. These residents are staying with their own children, who are citizens of the U.S., or are working in the country, already. There are new immigration laws, that are in the making, that will allow this type of immigrant to remain in the country, at least temporarily. Republican push back has begun about the new executive branch laws that have been signed into effect. Qualifying factors for these four million have come under intense scrutiny.

Who Can Stay and Who Cannot

The deciding qualifications for illegal residency within the U.S. have come under intense push back from the Republican members of Congress. Most of the opponents to these new executive branch decisions want to wait until the newly-elected Republican Congress can convene. There are several recently enacted qualifications that are being used to allow four million immigrants to stay within the country, at least on a temporary basis. These qualifying factors include the individual’s length of stay, which has to be at least five years to date. The immigrant needs to have a child in the country who is a citizen or legal permanent resident. There cannot be negative security factors filed against the immigrant resident.

Congress Addresses Immigration

There are specific reasons that several members of Congress have pushed back against the new immigration laws. The number of immigrants, that are a part of this type of amnesty, has reached a significant size of four million. This large group of residents will, also, be given work permits. The condition of the U.S. work force is among the concerns that have been voiced by the Republican opponents. The number of new workers, who will be allowed to apply for U.S. jobs, may affect the already-present U.S. work force. The number of new residents can change the economic dynamics of an already over-burdened U.S. healthcare system.

Common Sense Immigration

Common sense is the approach that is being taken by the U.S. executive branch. The number of individuals who will need to be deported is significant. The number of security officers that would be needed to carry out this size of deportation would be significantly large. The cost of deporting these immigrants is not a part of the current U.S. budget. Executive advisers reached the economic conclusion to allow a temporary deportation stay.

Four million immigrants have entered the U.S. within the past five years and are either staying with their resident children or other relatives within the country. The recent security decisions to allow these immigrants to stay in the U.S. on a temporary basis has been controversial and the future is uncertain for both US Policy and millions of immigrants.

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