Maryland laws for driving on a revoked or suspended license can be strict. They can also be confusing. There are numerous different types of offenses each with their own stipulations and guidelines. The consequences differ, as well. They change depending on why the license was revoked in the first place. Some of these punishments, especially for repeat offenses, can be harsher than others and can even carry jail sentences. The best defense against what could end up being a life-changing mistake is knowledge.

What Can Cause The Suspension Or Revocation Of A Driver’s License In Maryland?

There are a lot of different things that can cause the revocation of a license. Reinstatement requirements and the length of suspension are all different depending on the nature of the violation. Failure to follow the rules and guidelines laid down by the court can lead to an increase in length of suspension as well as more penalties including longer jail sentence, more fines and driving classes. This is why it is so important to understand how and why a license can be revoked.

Violation of a Driving Restriction 

A license can be suspended for up to six months for simply violating a restriction. For example, if the driver is supposed to wear glasses while operating a vehicle.

Failure To Pay Tickets

If the driver misses payment on any type of traffic ticket, whether it is for speeding, parking or a red-light camera, then they run the risk of license suspension. Also, failure to satisfy court requirements after a traffic court ruling can lead to revocation.


Acquiring too many points on a driver’s license can lead to a suspension. In the state of Maryland, a license can be suspended after accumulating anywhere from eight to eleven points.

Refusing An Alcohol Test

Depending on the circumstances, a license can be suspended for at least 45 days and up to one year.


DUI and DWI convictions always lead to the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license. The length is determined by the number of DUI’s on the driver’s record.

In some cases, people have no idea their license is suspended. This is usually due to having accumulated too many points. In Maryland, points on a license are reset after two years. The Maryland DMV will follow this procedure to warn about a potential suspension:

  • After four points, the DMV will send a warning letter.
  • After five to seven points, the driver is required to complete a driver’s education program. This program does not reduce the total number of points.
  • After eight to eleven points, the license is suspended.
  • After 12 points, the license is revoked.

A driving record can be ordered from the state of Maryland to check the status of a license, and to learn how many points are associated with the driver’s record.

Penalties Driving With A Suspended Or Revoked License

Before 2006, driving on a suspended license was a mere ticket and fine. There wasn’t even a court appearance involved. However, nowadays the law is a lot stricter about people driving without the proper documentation. There are two distinct penalties for violations of this law.

  • If the license was suspended, either in Maryland or another state, for failure to pay fines or appear in court, or if the driver owned uninsured vehicles, then the penalty is a maximum of two months in jail and a $500 fine.
  • This group of penalties applies to drivers whose license has been suspended for more severe crimes such as DUI’s. Also, a driver caught driving on a revoked license will have to face these stricter penalties. A first offense draws a $1,000 fine and a jail sentence of up to two years with each additional offense increasing the punishment.

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