Maryland law states that reckless driving entails “deliberately operating a motor vehicle without regard for safety.” The police may charge someone with one or more of any of the following violations when they suspect reckless driving:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Negligent driving
  • Eluding the police
  • Fleeing the scene.

Each of these criteria have more in-depth definitions that police use when determining whether or not the charge should be assigned.

In many cases, situations that involve reckless driving have the potential to carry other additional charges. It takes an experienced lawyer who specializes in Maryland reckless driving to understand a driver’s rights and how to defend someone from this list of potential charges.

Maryland Traffic Law

In Maryland, the transportation code is separate from the criminal code. This is good news for drivers, but the potential penalties are still large. The law governing reckless driving is Subtitle 9 of Title 21 in the Rules of the Road. This single law covers all categories of reckless driving as well as driving while impaired, and extends to highway driving and local roads. A reckless driving lawyer will understand the details of this law and how to best defend drivers charged with reckless driving.

Reckless Driving in Maryland

Reckless driving entails a “wanton disregard for public safety” according to section § 21-901.1 of Maryland’s transportation code. It is not legally limited to driving- any operation of a motorized vehicle with disregard for safety can lead to the operator being charged with reckless driving. Maryland also defines a less severe violation called negligent driving. Negligent driving involves merely “unwise or careless” operation of a motorized vehicle. It carries lower penalties than reckless driving. Having a lawyer familiar with the intimate details of the Maryland transportation code as well as the history of cases filed under this code is invaluable in court. Such a lawyer works to reduce charges or get them changed to a lower tier of severity, which can significantly decrease the potential penalties.

Aggressive Driving in Maryland

A third category of driving offenses in Maryland is called aggressive driving. While less vague than reckless driving or negligent driving, aggressive driving is just as easy for drivers to violate while going about their daily routine. To commit aggressive driving, a driver needs to make three of a list of several violations, which might occur either at once or separately, but during the same trip. The list includes several items that can ensnare ordinary drivers, such as exceeding the speed limit, not leaving enough following distance, and violating traffic signs. Carelessness, bad luck, or an off day mean that it isn’t hard to make several violations on the list without any malign intention.

How we can help you

Reckless driving can happen to anyone. Many times, situations can be complicated and it is important to ensure your side of the story is heard. If not represented correctly, a reckless driving charge can cause stress and cost you both time and money. An experienced lawyer is the best asset to have in order to help you get reduced penalties.

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