Although there are a number offenses that the police in the state of Maryland can charge a driver with who is operating a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license, there are four offenses that are significantly more common than others.

Driving with a Suspended License — Minor Offense

Driving with a revoked or suspended license in Maryland actually carries two separate classifications. The charge would be considered less serious than the second; however, it still carries up to a $500 fine, 60 days confinement in jail, and as many as three points added to your driving record. This particular charge is used by officers when the driver’s license was revoked or suspended as an administrative sanction. Administrative sanctions are levied for offenses such as failure to appear or failure to pay a fine after having been found guilty of a specific offense. This administrative sanction can be levied, even if the offense is not directly related to driving.

A driver who is stopped while driving with a suspended license under this specific code will face the associated penalties, which are stiff; however, they are less severe that the penalties for the second code associated with the same offense.

Driving with a Suspended License — Major Offense

Driving with a suspended or revoked license under this code comes with more severe consequences. A charge of reckless driving in Maryland could result in this type of suspended or revoked license as part of a court sanction. The punishment is much stiffer than the administrative sanction, with as much as a $1,000 fine, a maximum of 12 months in Jail and as many as 12 points being added to the driving record of the offender.

This is the predominate code under which most people drivers who are caught driving with a revoked or suspended license will be charged with. The code covers all types of suspensions except failure to appear and failure to pay fines. For example, if your license was suspended for compiling an excessive number of points on your driving record, failure to participate in driver improvement programs mandated by the court, failing to pay child support or due to outstanding warrants, this code will apply to you.

Driving with a Revoked License

Being charged with driving with a revoked license is significantly more severe than the previous court sanctioned suspension charge. Although the penal consequences are the same as driving with a suspended license due to court sanction, $1,000 fine, a maximum of 12 months in jail and as many as 12 points added to your driving record, this offense will also result in additional time being added to your driving restrictions. This means that the amount of time that you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle will be significantly extended.

Driving with an Out of State Suspended or Revoked License

If you are driving on a suspended or revoked license that was not issued by the state of Maryland, you are still just as guilty of the offense as if the license was suspended by Maryland. The penalties for driving with a suspended out of state license is identical to the charges with a suspended Maryland license. There is one distinct difference with this charge and the previous charge. When a person is charged with driving with a suspended or revoked out of state license, the state is required to prove, not only that the driver was driving with a revoked or suspended license, but they must also prove that you were effectively notified of the suspension or revocation.

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