The Deferred Action Program for Parents (DAPA) is modeled on the original DACA, but is specific to legal resident aliens and the parents of U.S. citizens.

Benefits of DAPA

Individuals who qualify for the DAPA program will receive:

  1. Three year protection from deportation.
  2. Three year renewable work permit under their name.
  3. Social security number.
  4. Legal driver’s license (depending on the state).

Requirements of DAPA

To meet the proof for the deferred action for parental accountability/DAPA program, applicants must demonstrate:

  • Continuous residency in the United States from before January 1st, 2010.
  • Having a physical presence on United States soil on November 20th, 2014 and at the time of submitting the deferred action application.
  • Being outside of the DHS’s latest enforcement priorities.
  • Being without a lawful status since November 20th, 2014.
  • Having no other characteristics or impediments that would otherwise prevent deferred action.

Submitting a DAPA Application

The USCIS will start accepting applications in six months’ time. DAPA and DACA applications will incur a fee of $465. No fee waivers will be allowed, and fee exemptions will be extremely limited.

New migrants and individuals in custody.

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been instructed to recognize freshly-encountered migrants as well as individuals in custody who meet the criteria listed and may thus qualify for deferred action.

Individuals with pending removal cases.

In addition, ICE may examine the removal cases that are pending and pursue either administrative closure or terminate the cases if the migrants meet the criteria for deferred action. A process may be established by which immigrants involved in removal proceedings are allowed to identify themselves as suitable candidates for deferred action.

USCIS will protect applicant information.

The USCIS agency has made it clear that it will not divulge information given during the application process for DAPA to Customs and Border Protection or ICE for the purpose of immigration enforcement in the majority of cases. However, information may be given to law enforcement agencies in cases of fraud or where national security is compromised.

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