A Maryland resident may lose his or her license privileges for a variety of reasons. This article lists those reasons and explains what can happen if the driver operates the vehicle while the license is suspended or revoked. One offense that could prompt a revocation or suspension is a drunk driving offense. A resident must go through an extensive legal process to reinstate his or her driving privileges. Driving with a suspended license can bring forth additional penalties that can last a number of years. The punishment that one receives for driving on a revoked or suspended license depends on the offense that the person committed.

Additional Penalties that Can Prompt a Suspension or Revocation

One of the most common reasons for license revocation in Maryland is a DWI offense. A DWI offense is an offense that includes operating a motor vehicle with a high level of alcohol in the blood. Any person who operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is greater than .08 percent is subject to license suspension. Commercial drivers and people under the age of 21 may be subject to lower blood alcohol level regulations. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test in the state of Maryland can result in an immediate suspension of 45 days to one year.

Excessive Violation Points

A Maryland driver can receive a license suspension for accumulating too many driver’s license points. License points accumulate when a driver commits an offense such as improper passing, running a red light or speeding. The state may suspend a person’s license after that person accumulates approximately eight points.

The state of Maryland is generous in that it warns a driver when his or her points are getting too high. Usually, points drop off the person’s record in two years. However, drivers who continue to break traffic regulations can rack up points quickly. The DMV will send a warning letter to a person who accumulates four violation points. The next step after a warning letter will be an order to take a driver’s education program. The DMV will suspend a driver’s license if that person accumulates eight points or more. Finally, the DMV will revoke the license if the driver accumulates 12 points.

Failure to Pay Fines

Drivers must always pay their fines or show up for court to dispute their traffic charges. Any driver who fails to perform either activity can receive a license suspension. Another reason that someone may receive a license suspension is the failure to honor a driving restriction. The DMV may place a restriction to wear glasses on a person who has poor vision. That person may receive a suspension if an officer catches him or her driving without the proper equipment.

A driver cannot operate any motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license. The person must wait until the revocation period is over, and then he or she must pay the necessary reinstatement fees. Driving during a suspension or revocation period is a serious offense.

Penalty for Driving On a Suspended or Revoked License

The penalty that the Maryland courts place on a person who drives on a revoked or suspended license depends on the reason for the revocation. The penalties are lightest if the individual’s license is suspended or revoked because of a traffic fine or court appearance. The person could receive a fine of up to $500 and a jail term of up to two months. Drivers who drive while revoked or suspended for other reasons face serious penalties. The judge could sentence them to one year in jail with a $1,000 fine. A subsequent offense can result in a two-year jail sentence with a $2,000 fine. Additionally, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will issue 12 points to the license, which will result in an additional revocation period.

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