Understanding Your Rights in DC, Virginia, and Maryland

It might be difficult to even know where to look to find reliable, easy-to-read information about legal rights in the DC metro area. The lawyers at Tucker, Nong and Associates have prepared these articles to help clients understand their rights, learn what to expect from the legal process and how to get help from our experienced team.

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  • Settlement Agreements A settlement agreement outlines important terms in a divorce such as property distribution. A settlement agreement should be reviewed by a family law lawyer.
  • Separation Agreements Separation agreements are used to outline the terms of a separation. Because separation agreements can be complicated, always consult with a divorce lawyer.
  • Prenuptial Agreement Prenuptial agreements are created before a marriage and are used to protect an individual's personal property and outline directions for debt payment.
  • Postnuptial Agreements Postnuptial agreements are created when a couple is married and outlines conditions to be followed in case of divorce including allocation of property and debt.
  • Mediation Mediation uses a third party to facilitate dispute resolution in a safe environment between two parties encouraging voluntary decision making.
  • Uncontested Divorce Uncontested divorce is a form of divorce in which both spouses are able to come to an agreement without having to pursue a full divorce trial.
  • Contested Divorce Contested divorce is for more complex cases. Individuals who hire a divorce lawyer are more likely to have positive results from there case.
  • Divorce If you are pursue divorce, you need to protect your interests. Lawyer can protect your interests through mediation, negotiation or by representing you in court.
  • Divorce, Child Custody and Relocation Contested divorce cases are difficult. However, cases where children are involved can be extremely stressful and taxing affairs. It is, therefore
  • Child Custody And Relocation Under Virginia Family Law In relocation cases, courts cannot prevent a parent from relocating-the Court can only prevent the moving parent from taking a child along.