Unfortunately, the definition for reckless driving under DC law can be quite confusing. The reason why people have trouble understanding it is because it’s very broad. There are a number of different offenses can fall under the reckless driving charge.

When it comes time for a prosecutor or officer to determine if a reckless driving charge is suitable, there is no shortage of leeway. By using this interpretation of the law, an attorney has the power to dispute the charge. He or she can dispute the charges in order to have them lessened in severity or even dropped.

Reckless Driving Laws in DC

The District of Columbia law says a person can be charged with a reckless driving charge when it’s believed that you have drove in a way that endangers the safety of others.

A person can also be charged with reckless driving if he or she drives without circumspection or due caution in a way that endangers property or people. The level of punishment that a person will face with such a charge depends on if they’ve been charged with reckless driving in the past.

Potential Fines And Jail Time

If its a person’s first time being charged with reckless driving, he or she is facing up to $500 in fines and three months in jail.

If it’s a second offense, an individual could face $1,000 in fines and one year in jail. For a third offense, an individual faces up to $3,000 in fines and one year in jail. There is also the possibility that the person’s license will also be taken away.

Reckless Driving and License Suspension

It’s not uncommon for people involved in reckless driving to injure others. For example, a vehicle accident caused by reckless driving could involve multiple vehicles, and depending on the severity of the crash, it could cause a number of different injuries.

When a person is charged with reckless driving and has injured other people, he or she automatically loses their license for six months. However, it’s certainly possible for a person’s license to be suspended in situations that didn’t involve the injury of another person.

Severity of the Offense

The severity of the situation plays a powerful role in whether or not a license is suspended. An example of this would be a person accumulating 10 points on their license. Another example would be a person caught driving 30 MPH over the posted speed limit.

The District in which the event took place has the discretionary power to suspend the offender’s driving privileges. A person has up to 10 days to challenge the proceedings after they’ve been notified of a pending license suspension.

Occupational License

Some people might be eligible for an occupational license, which enables them to drive to work and back home. Anyone who is facing reckless driving charges should hire an attorney.

How we can help you

Reckless driving is a serious traffic violation that can negatively affect your life. Hiring an experienced traffic defense lawyer can make a huge difference in your case. A traffic defense attorney can appeal to have your charges lessened or even dropped, depending on the situation.

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