Understanding Your Maryland, Virginia, and DC Drug Possession Arrest Rights

It might be difficult to even know where to look to find reliable, easy-to-read information about legal rights in the DC metro area. The lawyers at Tucker, Nong and Associates have prepared these articles to help clients understand their rights, learn what to expect from the legal process and how to get help from our experienced team.

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  • Marijuana Possession Charges in DC Though recent laws have eased some of the restrictions on possession and use of marijuana, it is still a criminal offense in some cases in DC. Learn more here.
  • Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute Despite decriminalization laws, any activity that is related to the manufacturing, sale or distribution of marijuana is still a punishable offense.
  • Possession Charges in DC Drug laws in DC can be complicated. Penalties are assigned after considering several factors including type of drug involved, the quantity found, and more.
  • Possession Charges in VA The laws governing possession of drugs in the State of Virginia are purposely harshly designed. Individuals found in possession of substances can expect
  • Possession Charges in MD Being charged with possession of a controlled substance in Maryland is a criminal offense. Charges differ depending several criteria such as the amount and
  • Possession of Controlled Substances In VA, MD and Washington DC, possession of a controlled substance is a punishable offense. It is important to remember that penalties differ in each area.
  • Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute – Virginia In Virginia, a large amount of a controlled substance is not always enough proof of intent to distribute. There must be enough evidence to support the charge.
  • Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute – Maryland In the State of Maryland, a prosecutor can state that you had intentions to sell marijuana, and subsequently charge and try you, based on a number of factors.
  • Marijuana Possession in VA Possession of marijuana is a criminal violation in VA. Penalties for possession of marijuana vary depending on the amount and an individual's criminal history.
  • Marijuana Possession in MD Maryland's penalties for charges involving marijuana vary in severity based off several factors. Charges can include fines and even jail time.