Wills & Estate Planning

Will and estate planning is generally misunderstood. Planning is a necessity for families who wish to have their affairs in order so that your loved ones are better able to execute your wishes due to incapacity or death. Proper will & estate planning can help surviving loved ones by clearly directing them how to handle your financial affairs as well as what medical actions should be taken. In general, having a plan for family members to follow can help relieve stress and avoid dispute between family members.

Proper estate planning involves drafting certain key documents, each that carries a specific purpose. Having an experienced attorney properly draft these documents can ensure that your affairs are properly in order and that your wishes are mapped out clearly without any careless errors.

Estate Planning – Required documents

Proper will & estate planning involves several steps. Proper will & estate planning includes drafting certain documents, each with a specific purpose. The experienced attorneys at Tucker, Nong and Associates can provide professional planning and drafting of these key documents including:

  • Wills and Living Wills
  • Living Trusts
  • Advanced Medical Directives
  • Power of Attorney

Wills & Living Wills

Wills and living wills are important documents to have for proper estate planning. Both wills and living wills serve a unique purpose. Living wills take effect in the case where you become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions. A last will and testament takes effect post death and outlines a plan for property and asset distribution.

Advanced Medical Directives

An advanced medical directive outlines your wishes for medical care in the case that you become incapable of deciding for yourself. The goal of an advanced medical directive is to help loved ones execute your wishes without additional stress and confusion. Advanced medical directives can cover guidelines for doctor’s visits, medication management, life support and other various medical procedures/consideration.

Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney is an important item for anyone to take into account. A valid Power of Attorney form designates who will manage your affairs should you not be able to. There are two types of power of attorney forms, both with a specific purpose. A “durable power of attorney” form designates an individual charged with managing your financial affairs while a “medical power of attorney” enables an individual to make medical decisions as outlined in your advanced medical directive.

How we can help you

Tucker, Nong and Associates has an experienced legal team which includes attorneys who are qualified to draft all necessary documents needed for estate planning. Having proper documentation in place will not only relieve stress of loved ones should they have to make difficult decisions on your behalf, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be executed the way you want them to be.

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