It is no secret that it pays to be careful on the roads. Drivers should always take care when navigating their vehicles in order to protect themselves and the safety of others. But there are more incentives than just that. In the State of Maryland, a traffic offense could result in higher insurance payments!

Maryland Driver’s Insurance Minimums

Many motorists don’t know this but because of its minimum requirements for vehicle insurance, Maryland drivers already pay higher rates than many other states. This cost can increase when a driver receives a traffic citation. For example, a Rhode Island driver might not notice any increase in costs for traffic infractions. But in Maryland, any sort of negative traffic charge can increase your premiums.

Maryland Traffic Charges that Increase Insurance

There is a wide range of charges that can negatively affect a driver’s insurance. The more serious the crime, the more negative the result. If you are charged with a traffic charge in Maryland, it is always best to work with a legal professional to try and lower or dismiss the charge. For more information on common Maryland traffic charges, visit our informational pages on:

Keeping Insurance Affordable

The best way to keep insurance costs low is to is to maintain a clean driving record. Maintain the speed limit and obey the laws of the road to avoid receiving a traffic citation. Drivers can also save money through these other steps, regardless of where they live in Maryland or their credit history.

Shop Around

Comparison shopping is always a good idea. If drivers don’t investigate a number of possible plans, they run a risk of picking a more expensive plan. This overpayment can be more than $350 each year, according to a recent Nerdwallet study. Drivers that shop around can save more than 30 percent in comparison.

Drive Less

Whether you use public transportation or take advantage of carpools, the less time you spend driving on the road, the better. Most insurance companies will ask you questions about your usage, but some offer the opportunity to place a tracking device that monitors the amount of time on the road and reward you with a reduced premium.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for safe driving, extra security features, or for a safer vehicle. Others will even offer special driving courses, which will give you a reduced premium upon completion.

Have You Been Charged With A Traffic Violation In Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C.?

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