While many people assume hiring a lawyer has to be expensive, this is not always the case. The cost of quality legal representation in Maryland and Tucker & Nong and AssociatesVirginia does not have to drain your bank account. Every case is different, and the cost of our legal services can vary depending on the complexity of your issue. In general, however, the costs of hiring a lawyer can be managed, and the long term benefits of professional representation can be invaluable.

The Cost of Retaining a Lawyer in Virginia and Maryland

Every legal case is different, and attorneys must respond to the unique needs of each specific case. This makes it difficult to offer a general range of costs to resolve a legal matter. In general, the cost of representation is based on a number of factors, including:

Type of case.

Different types of cases require different preparation, which affects the fees. Medical malpractice cases, for example, may require the finding and retaining of expert witnesses. Personal injury or crimmigration issues may necessitate further investigation than other types of cases. 

Type of fee agreement.

Lawyers can charge for their services in a variety of ways. Flat fees, contingency agreements, hourly billing, and more are all different ways to pay for legal guidance. Contingency agreements are common in personal injury cases, and the client does not have to pay unless the case is won. In that case, the payment is drawn directly from the settlement award. The other types of billing can be discussed with your attorney, who can also help give you an estimate of how much time they think the case will take. The client and lawyer would agree on a fee structure before making their professional relationship official.

Court costs and filing fees.

The courts charges fees to operate. When documents must be filed, court appearances are made, and even when deliveries are made to/from the court, there are different charges that are incurred.

Our Legal Team Works With You to Arrange Affordable Billing

The dedicated lawyers at Tucker, Nong, & Associates are committed to providing effective, professional, and affordable legal services to individuals in the DC-area. We understand the important demands on your budget, and we work with clients to arrange a fee structure that is beneficial to everyone. A few things to keep in mind about the cost of hiring a Tucker, Nong & Associates attorney:


A member of our experienced legal team will meet with you to discuss your case. At this initial meeting, we can answer your questions and help you understand more about the legal matter you are facing. After the meeting, you can decide whether or not you want to retain our legal services. 

Payment plans.

The lawyers at Tucker, Nong, & Associates know that you work hard and your resources are valuable you and your family. We can work out payment plans to ease the stress on your budget while still retaining dedicated legal representation.

The cost of not hiring a lawyer.

Even seemingly straightforward cases can quickly become complicated. An experienced lawyer understands all the intricacies of local law, has experience negotiating with opposing parties, and can ensure that all documents are produced and filed appropriately. Even a small mistake or missed deadline can have serious negative consequences for a case, either financially or personally.

Nearly every legal case leaves clients facing some type of financial consequences, and a skilled lawyer can work to minimize negative repercussions to achieve the most favorable outcome.

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