Permanent resident status is also known as having a “green card”. One of the easiest way to get a green card is through your job. Obtaining a green card is a long and complicated process and it is wise to work with a license green card lawyer.

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Green Card Status through Employment

There is a set limit of green cards awarded every year for individuals who fit into special categories. These individuals typically have job offer and will require assistance from their future/current employer.

Employment Based Preference Categories

Individuals who eligible for green card status through employment must fit into one of five “preference categories”. Each preference category has a visa that goes along with it. The following sections list the five preference categories and the visa that accompanies it.

Employment First Preference

The first employment based preference category is for individuals who possess unique skills in the areas of science, art, business, research and athletics. People who display extraordinary skills in the sciences, arts, business, education including research, and athletics. Individuals in this category will need to apply for an EB-1 visa. To learn specific information on EB-1 visas, visit:

EB-1 Visa and Status

Employment Second Preference

The second employment based preference category is reserved for professionals who hold graduate degrees and/or possess extraordinary abilities. These individuals will need an EB-2 visa. For more details on EB-2 visas, read:

EB-2 Visa and Status

Employment Third Preference

The third employment based preference category applies to skilled/unskilled workers and professionals. These individuals will require an EB-3 visa. For more information on EB-3 visas, visit:

EB-3 Visa and Status

Employment Fourth Preference

Individuals who fall under the fourth employment preference category are religious works and some other specific types of workers.

Employment Fifth Preference

The fifth employment based preference category is reserved for individuals involved in business and are willing to meet specific requirements. These individuals will require an EB-5 Visa. The EB-5 visa is commonly known as an “Investor Visa”. For more information, please visit:

EB-5 Investor Visa


If you qualify for one of the five employment preference categories, you may be able to pursue an Employment Based Visa. Pursuing these visas can be very difficult because the application process requires legal training. It is not recommended that individuals attempt to apply for a green card without help from a green card lawyer.

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