Anyone who is planning to enter the United States and participate in a training program that is based in the United States needs a H-3 visa. An individual can only be considered for the H-3 Visa if the pursued training is not offered in the applicant’s country of citizenship.

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Who is Eligible for the H-3 Visa?

Generally, workers who are eligible to apply for the H-3 Visa include special education exchange visitors who are taking part in designated programs, licensed nurses seeking to continue their education, and medical trainees. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) oversees procedures to make sure that regulatory concerns are heeded.

Qualifying for the H-3 Visa

In order to be qualified for an H-3 Visa, an individual needs to be involved with an on-the-job training program with a United States company; there should be no similar training program in the individual’s current country. The applicant needs to provide evidence of an academic and professional background that makes him or her able to meet the USCIS criteria for being qualified to enter a given training program. Qualifying training programs must be either: multinational organizations that have branches in different nations and will relocate the applicant to another branch or a domestic company that is collaborating with a foreign company that could benefit from the trainee who has completed the program.

Time Restrictions & Continuation(s)

The H-3 Visa lasts for two years. The individual can seek a single year continuation each year. The ability to stay for an extra year is based on proof that the applicant is still involved in the training program for which he or she first applied. The training program must last for two years or less, and the Visa cannot be approved for a longer period of time than the two year period for which the H-3 Visa lasts.

If the status of being in the training program is extended for over six months after the original deadline, the individual must leave the country for six months after that in order to resubmit for a L Visa. Any changes that are needed for the H-3 Visa arrangement must be officially requested before the visa expires.

Traveling with an H-3 Visa

If an individual with an H-3 Visa wants to travel, this needs to be scheduled so that it does not interfere with the training program. No extension time is given for travel. During the period in which the visa is valid, the individual and his or her family (spouse and unmarried minor children under 21 years of age) can travel at will and enter the country multiple times.

H-3 Visa Dependents

Only the applicant for the H-3 Visa is eligible for employment within the United States during the two year period. Additionally, this individual is only eligible if a joint work relationship that corresponds to the training is possible. Family members are not eligible for employment under the individual’s H-3 Visa arrangement. However, children and adult family members can go to school part-time.

How we can help you

For certain individuals who meet requirements, an H-3 visa is a great option. However, it is important to remember that applying for an H-3 visa can be very complicated.

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