The h-4 visa is typically issued to spouses and/or children of foreign workers who hold H-1B visa status. If you are interested in pursuing an H-4 visa for yourself, or your dependents, contact Tucker, Nong and Associates right away. Our immigration attorneys have years of experience preparing H-4 visa applications.

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H-1B Visa and Status

Adjustment Of Status For H-4 Visa Holders

Recipients of an H-4 visa are somewhat limited in the options for their own status and that of their spouse and dependent children. If certain requirements are met, H-4 visa classifications can allow the visa holder to request an adjustment of status to an H-1B visa holder. In order to be eligible, all criteria must be met and the application for an adjustment of status must be approved by an immigration officer.

Many H-4 visa holders who wish to attend an American college or university request a status change to an F-1 visa. There are current proposals underway that, if approved, could alter the current processes for obtaining an H-4 visa. These new laws and regulations would not only affect employers who sponsor the visa holders, but would also impact the recipients who wish to change their status.

Benefits of H-4 Visas

Upon arrival for employment or research in the United States, H-4 visa holders are eligible to open bank accounts and conduct business in the country. They can also request a taxpayer identification number (TIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Although the personalized number is issued by the IRS, the TIN is not the same as a Social Security number (SSN), and does not offer all the same benefits.

The TIN is essentially an identification number that assists with some aspects of obtaining identification for the purpose of opening financial accounts, making purchases, and requesting government services. One of the most common reasons that H-4 visa holders request a TIN is to help them in the process of obtaining a license to drive in the state or territory in which they are residing for the duration of their employment or research project.

Obtaining an H-4 Visa

As with any other complex immigration matter, the sponsorship for employment is restrictive and requires professional interpretation to fully understand. H-4 visa holders and other non-immigrants who are working in the United States should consult an experienced legal representative.

Whether an individual is attempting to adjust their own status or sponsor a family member, there are specific guidelines and eligibility requirements that must be met by very rigid deadlines. Filing paperwork incorrectly, missing questions, failing to enclose a filing fee, or submitting documentation to the wrong location can cause unnecessary delays and the ultimate denial of an application.

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