Domestic violence is a very difficult topic. Nobody plans to be involved in a domestic violence or domestic assault case but unfortunately, these situations are more common than you would think. It is important to remember that even if someone is charged with domestic violence or domestic assault, it does not always mean they are a “bad” person. This article will talk about some common patterns in domestic violence cases.

Common Patterns in Domestic Violence or Domestic Assault Cases

Domestic violence in different relationships usually have similarities. Domestic violence situations do not always instantly happen, these situations usually develop over time. Relationships that are under constant stress can sometimes be the start of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Escalates over Time

Unfortunately, an individual is not charged with domestic violence the first time it happens because the police were not notified. The victim may have been too scared to go to the police or, the victim may not think that the incident is very serious. It is important to remember that if domestic violence occurs, a victim should report it immediately in order to avoid a more serious situation later on.

Domestic Violence Risk Factors

Many experts agree that there are risk factors which can make domestic violence more likely to occur. Some examples of these risk factors are:

  • Abuse during pregnancy
  • The presence of a step-child
  • Threatening use of a gun
  • Drug use
  • Unemployment
  • Instances of choking
  • An age difference of more than 10 years
  • Cheating in the relationship.
  • An unhealthy level of jealousy.

It is important to remember that these examples are only are risk factors. But, one or more of these risk factors are commonly found in a relationship that has been affected by domestic violence.

Avoiding Domestic Violence

The best way to address domestic violence in a relationship is to avoid it or address it early on so that it does not get worse. Minor instances of domestic violence usually become more severe over time. Addressing domestic violence early on can also allow for the individual who committed domestic violence to have a chance to change his/her behavior through counseling.

Domestic Violence and Domestic Assault Laws

Domestic violence crimes can be referred to as “domestic violence”, “domestic abuse”, “domestic assault” or other names, depending on the state. If you have been charged, it is important to understand the laws in your area if you have been charged with domestic violence or domestic assault or, if you have been the victim of domestic violence or domestic assault. To learn about the laws in your state, visit:

Domestic Violence and Domestic Assault in Virginia
Domestic Violence and Domestic Assault in Maryland

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