Domestic violence and domestic assault are criminal charges that include threats and physical abuse between spouses, parent and adult child, siblings or anyone else with a close family relationship. Most states use the term child abuse to describe violence inflicted on a child by an adult. The terms domestic violence and domestic assault can also mean different thing depending on your state’s laws.

Difference Between Domestic Violence and Domestic Assault

Domestic violence is a blanket term that describes threats or violent acts such as punching, shoving or kicking between two people who are related or who are involved in an intimate relationship with one another. Many states use the terms domestic violence and domestic assault interchangeably. However, it’s important for who anyone who is involved in this type of situation to understand the specific laws in their state. If you live in Virginia or Maryland, visit one of our pages below to learn about your state’s laws:

Domestic Violence and Domestic Assault in Virginia
Domestic Violence and Domestic Assault in Maryland

Who Can be Involved in a Domestic Violence/Assault Situation?

When domestic violence or assault occurs among couples, they may be married, live together unmarried or be in a dating relationship. In many cases, the couple has at least one child together. Violence in relationships happens among straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual couples. Both men and women can be victims, but the most common scenario is for a man to attack a woman physically.

Serious forms of Domestic Violence/Assault

Severe forms of domestic violence can result in rape or even murder, although slapping, punching, and other types of physical abuse are more common. A person may be guilty of stalking if he or she persists in contacting someone else after being asked to stop. This may include driving by the victim’s house or excessive phone calls, emails and texts. Any time one person intentionally inflicts physical pain or injury on someone else, it may result in a domestic violence or assault charge. You may face this charge just by causing another person to feel unnecessarily fearful.

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